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At Skin Face Body we use IPL “permanent hair reduction”

This treatment uses short safe, controlled pulses of filtered light to remove unwanted hair. The melanin in the hair absorbs the light and is heated to a temperature that inhibits hair regrowth.

This results in long-term destruction of the follicle to generate new hairs.

The sessions are virtually painless, and feel like the flick of a rubber band. Only hairs in an active growing stage are affected by the treatment as up to 30% of hairs in any area are at this stage of growth. You may need between 4 to 10 sessions (treatments) with intervals of 4 to 10 weeks depending on which area is being treated.

Over the course of the treatments you will witness the hair becoming finer & lighter and regrowth becomes slower.

Progressively hair will disappear.


Some treatments may require additional maintenance sessions.


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